We’ve been around in some form or another for over 10 years, but we really got going in 2010 and officially became a church in March 2012. We were started by the Church of England in Devon. The Church of England  realised that most young people in Exeter have little or no experience of church and more importantly of faith and Jesus. 

Ever since 2012, we've been trying to 'do' church in a way that makes sense to young people. We focus on worship, talks and prayer ministry and try to package them in a way that's relevant and accessible for young people in Exeter.

Liz Grier (one of the founders of Unlimited) published our story in her book "Beginning Unlimited", if you'd like to learn more, click here.


Unlimited Church

Mary Arches Street


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As a church which exists for young people safeguarding is a high priority.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of someone under 18 years old or an adult at risk, please speak to any of our leaders or:

Church Leader:
Vicar: Helen Sherlock

T: 07549 451492

E: Helen@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Safeguarding Lead:

Jo Kirkcaldy
E: safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor:

Charles Pitman

T: 01392 345909

M: 07889 542640

E: charles.pitman@exeter.anglican.org

You can also phone Childline at any time 24 hours a day:


We work with a formal safeguarding policy. If you would like to see it or have questions about Unlimited’s safeguarding practice, contact Jo Kirkcaldy Safeguarding Coordinator safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Exeter Diocese Safeguarding Team: