Every Sunday we gather at 5.PM to have fun, explore parts of the bible together, and try to apply it to our lives in a real and relevant way. Our Sunday Gathering is designed around people who don't do church, so is an easy invite to bring friends/family who don't know Jesus along to!

We also gather early doors at 7.30AM on Wednesday mornings for a more contemplative and reflective time to celebrate Communion together. This is around half-an-hour in length, and offers the opportunity to then congregate for coffee and/or breakfast after. It differs in style, but is always relaxed and has some form of liturgical expression.

We are following the Church of England's Covid Guidance on how to best manage our building, and to make ensure everyone in the building is safe. Here are the following procedures that we have put into place:

  • Monitoring numbers: we have restricted the number of seats within the building which are spread evenly throughout the building.  

  • Moving around the building: we have taped floor markings, wall signage, and a one-way flow system around the building to ensure safe movement. 

  • Track and trace: it is no longer a legal requirement for congregants to "check in" on arrival into the building. However, we will recommend our congregants to still check in, and therefore have retained the NHS track-and-trace posters, so that if people would like to check-in they will be able to.

  • Hygiene standards: we have anti-bacterial stations by every exit, so that people can access anti-bacterial hand gel easily when on arrival and exit. 

  • Face masks: It is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering, though the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings to protect themselves and others. Consequently, we will encourage congregants to carry on wearing facemasks, but will not require them to do so.

  • Congregational singing is now allowed in church.