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As a church which exists for young people safeguarding is a high priority.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of someone under 18 years old or an adult at risk, please speak to any of our leaders or:

Church Leader:

Rev James Grier
T: 07825 610288
E: james@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Curate Helen Sherlock

T: 07549 451492

E: Helen@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Safeguarding Lead:

Jo Kirkcaldy
E: safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

You can also phone Childline at any time 24 hours a day:


We work with a formal safeguarding policy. If you would like to see it or have questions about Unlimited’s safeguarding practice, contact Jo Kirkcaldy Safeguarding Coordinator safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Exeter Diocese Safeguarding Team:

Weekly events to help you get stuck in...



Mary Arches Church

We meet every Sunday at Mary Arches Church at 4:15pm. Our gatherings always start with drinks and cakes! After we’ve played a game or two one of our in-house bands will help us connect with God by leading some music. We use music and singing to praise God and acknowledge who He is. After the music one of our team will do a short talk (normally 15-20 minutes). This is a quick message that aims to unpack the Bible and helps us to apply it to our lives. Following the talk, we’ll have a time of prayer ministry which gives us a chance to reflect on what we’ve heard in the talk.

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Uncovered Tuesdays


Mary Arches Church

Uncovered is our weekly discipleship group where we explore how to follow God in our lives. This is our main dose of family time together as a church but everyone is welcome!

We start in the same way that every good family get-together does – with food! The menu varies from week-to-week but some of our house favourites are chillis and curry! Dinner (including a delicious dessert!) starts at 6:30pm every Tuesday at Mary Arches Church. It’s also a bargain at just £3! From 8pm onwards we worship together, get some teaching and pray for one another.

Check out the latest dates and events by clicking the 'Check the Calendar' button below.