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As a church which exists for young people safeguarding is a high priority.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of someone under 18 years old or an adult at risk, please speak to any of our leaders or:

Church Leader:

Rev James Grier
T: 07825 610288
E: james@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Curate Helen Sherlock

T: 07549 451492

E: Helen@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Safeguarding Lead:

Jo Kirkcaldy
E: safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

You can also phone Childline at any time 24 hours a day:


We work with a formal safeguarding policy. If you would like to see it or have questions about Unlimited’s safeguarding practice, contact Jo Kirkcaldy Safeguarding Coordinator safeguarding@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

Exeter Diocese Safeguarding Team:

Life is hectic, busy and noisy. We find that times of stillness and silence can be incredibly powerful. Our 8:30am gathering seeks to offer a slice of silence in our busy lives to help us worship in a different way.

Our 8:30 gathering happens fortnightly. The 8:30 is a quieter and more reflective service that is focused on communion. We don't tend to have sung worship at this service. Instead, we tend to use a more traditional format compared with our other weekly gatherings. 

If you'd like to experience something a little bit more contemplative then this gathering is for you! Check out the dates on our church calendar to see when the next 8:30 is happening.