At Unlimited we are passionate about supporting and equipping young people. Below we have pooled some online resources that can help any young person at any given time.


Grief Encounter is a charity that supports young people who have lost a family member. They offer free E-Counselling so that bereaved young people aged fourteen or over can receive support when they need it most.


Mind is a charity that supports those who suffer from mental health issues. They have amazing online resources that are specific to Coronavirus, and also can point you in the direction to other resources that may be more suitable.


If you need someone to talk to, the Samaritans listen. They are available to chat any time, day or night. If that is too much for you, they are able to receive emails or letters too.


We're here to offer any kind of support, which can be someone to chat to but also if you want someone to be praying for you or your family/friends, please get in touch.